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Monday, August 2, 2021

LeMond’s carbon fiber ebikes are lightweight works of art

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Aesthetics are supposedly subjective, but I’ll be darned if LeMond’s new ebikes aren’t the most beautiful electric bikes I’ve ever ridden.

If you’re into cycling, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of the name Greg LeMond. With his racing days behind him, the three-time Tour de France winner has a couple of forays into making ‘acoustic’ bikes, but the most recent iteration of LeMond Bikes go the electrified route — in style.

The company currently has two models, the ‘Dutch’ and ‘Prolog,’ the former being an upright city bike and the latter sporting a more aggressive hybrid frame. Both models are constructed from carbon fiber — a material LeMond helped popularize for use in bicycle frames.

As one would hope for their $4,500 price tag, these are completely original frames, not just off-the-shelf parts. The frame, fork, and the combined handlebar/stem are all feature monocoque carbon fiber construction. The seatpost, fenders, and even the proprietary (and optional) racks and baskets are all made for carbon fiber too.

LeMond Dutch ebike with frontbasket and rear rack
Credit: LeMond
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