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How To Measure Ring Size

How To Measure Ring Size. Determine the inside diameter by using a ruler to measure from one inner edge to another. Straighten out the string or paper and measure. Natural Light Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold(GR5911) from www.myjewelrysource.com Mark the point where the ends meet with a pen. Use the chart of… Read More »

How To Install Ring Doorbell

How To Install Ring Doorbell. Use a pencil to mark the mounting holes on the wall, then set the bracket aside and use the drill bit that came. If you do not have an existing doorbell or do not wish to replace your existing doorbell, see how to physically install your ring video doorbell without… Read More »

How To Find Ring Size

How To Find Ring Size. Finding the right ring size is not as simple as taking a measurement. You can find your ring size in two easy ways. Hawaiian Bangles Bracelets from www.designsngold.com Place the ring on top of each circle until you find a perfect match. The calculator can convert standard ring sizes from… Read More »